How We Deal With Fights In Our Marriage

Dena Chulew and I have been together for many years and like any couple, we have our share of fights and disagreements. But through it all, we have learned how to fight fair and how to make up after a disagreement.

When Dena and I first started dating, we often got into heated arguments and let our emotions get the best of us. We would say hurtful things to each other and sometimes, we wouldn’t talk to each other for days.

But over time, we have learned how to communicate more effectively and how to express our feelings without resorting to anger or hurtful words. Now, when we have a disagreement, we try to listen to each other and understand each other’s perspective.

We have also learned the importance of apologizing and forgiving each other. When one of us makes a mistake or says something hurtful, we know that it’s important to apologize and to make amends. And when the other person forgives us, we show our gratitude and let them know how much we appreciate them.

Another critical part of making up after a fight is spending quality time together. After a disagreement, we often like to go for a walk or do something fun together, like going to the movies or dinner. This helps us reconnect and remind ourselves of why we love each other.

In conclusion, fighting and making up is a natural part of any relationship. It has made us stronger, and we are growing as a couple.

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